How to Get Through the Stress of Blood Work

the stress of blood work



How to Get Through the Stress of Blood Work

Are you still awaiting a diagnosis and are constantly getting poked and prodded?

Have you already been diagnosed and have to get routine blood work done to track the course of your disease?

Does the stress of blood work cause you to wonder…   What if they find something?  What if they don’t find something and I still don’t have answers?


The blood draw can be one of the most stressful parts of seeking out medical help.  Having a chronic illness can lead to feeling invalidated and incorrectly judged.

Here is my advice and recognition to get you through blood work day with a positive attitude and feeling supported!

  1. Let go of the outcome.  Worrying won’t change the results and will cause even more stress.
  2. Focus on the process.  Look at what you are doing right: getting help!  We learn just as much from failure as we do success so even if nothing significant comes out of bloodwork, you are still ruling out things it is NOT.
  3. Be kind to yourself.  Self care is important every day but this day even more so!  Plan an activity after getting blood work done to reward yourself for being so brave and plan a calming routine before your appointment to help you relax through it all.
  4. Have a support system. Take someone with you to the lab or have a phone call with them afterward to talk about how you’re feeling.


Amanda Pratt, LCSW

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