Ways Turning Dreams Into Timely Goals is Powerful



3 Ways Turning Dreams Into Timely Goals is Powerful

Sometimes we have big dream, but don’t necessarily turn those dreams into actionable and timely goals in order to see them to fruition.  I am here to share with you 3 Ways Turning Dreams into Timely Goals is Powerful so that you can easily see the benefits of goal setting so you can turn your dreams into reality and live every day to the fullest.

  1. Provides Motivation: Motivation is a very tricky concept.  Many professionals debate on what creates or causes motivation, but one thing we know is that feeling like we have a sense of control of what happens to us, increases our sense of self-efficacy, or competence in completing a task. Setting a goal and breaking it down into smaller chunks complete with specific timelines can motivate us by providing us with a feeling that it is achievable.
  2. Allows For More Informed Decision Making:  How can we be confident that our decisions are leading us to where we ultimately want to be in life?  We set goals and determine what we need to do to accomplish them! If we have a vague dream or idea of where we want to be but don’t define how we need to get there, it can make us more likely to make decisions that lead us in the wrong direction.  When we are laser focused on the tasks we need to complete that will ultimately lead us to our end goal, decisions become easier and better informed.
  3. It Helps Us Reach Goals Faster: If we turn our dreams into specific, timely and realistic goals, we are less likely to procrastinate and more likely to use our time efficiently.  This increases our accountability and confidence that we can actually achieve what we set out to achieve.  When we feel more confident, our stress is reduced and with specific tasks, we have measures of success to celebrate along the way.  All of these powerful effects of goal setting actually help us reach our goals faster!

As you can see, there are many strong benefits to taking our dreams and breaking them down into actionable tasks and setting deadlines for when we want to accomplish them.  Having a strong motivation, making the right decisions and having a strong focus can help us turn our dreams into reality quicker and more efficiently.

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