Individual Therapy

I understand how difficult it can be living with a chronic health condition. I am here for you to help you get through the ups and downs of disease management.  Schedule your first appointment online!

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Tele Therapy Services

Can't make it in person? Choose the convenient option to phone or video chat in between sessions or for added support. Schedule your first appointment for online therapy...

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Invest in your therapy sessions in advance and save money!  Packages designed to fit your needs and provide you with two types of ongoing support.

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My vision is to help people living with chronic health conditions realize their own potential. You have the ability to improve the quality of your life through changing how you think about illness.  You deserve a safe space to recognize what your body is experiencing, what your mind is doing in attempts to cope and to recognize how this is effecting your personal relationships.  I believe that sometimes we just need to acknowledge our negative feelings and accept them for what they are.  None of our feelings are 'wrong' - they are a normal part of life.

Living with a chronic health condition is not just business, it's personal- having personal experience living with multiple autoimmune illnesses, I truly understand how it can feel like an endless roller coaster ride.  I know that unless you have experienced these difficulties firsthand, it is hard to be truly empathetic.

While mental health services still contain stigma for people, I feel that with education and advocacy, we can end the stigma and see therapy for what it truly is: an effective and supportive health service.  I am working to make the emotional aspects of living with chronic health conditions more recognized through state and local advocacy.




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I know seeking out therapy during difficult times can be hard - admitting that we need help is even harder!  Taking the first step to reach out means you have already started growing.  I am happy that you are here!  Call now for a FREE 15 minute phone consultation OR go ahead and schedule your first appointment online!

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