Individual Therapy

Individual sessions are designed to address cognitive, emotional, physical, social and spiritual aspects of a person.  Within the context of family, friends & self-care, we will set goals for improvement.

60 minute sessions .............. 125$


Tele Therapy Services

Can't make it in person? Choose the convenient option to phone or video chat in between sessions or for added support.

45 minute session ..........   100$


Invest in your therapy sessions in advance and save money!

See Below to Find Packages designed to fit your needs and provide you with two types of ongoing support.


Schedule Your Appointment Online (New Clients Only)

Take Control of Your Life

Package A     I Need You NOW

Intensive Intervention & Support

2 - 60 minute sessions per week

2 - 30 minute check-in calls

9 hours total per month

Package B     I'm Working Through Some Things

Goal Setting, Problem Solving

1 - 60 minute session weekly

1 - 30 minute call (optional)

4.5 total hours per month

Package C    I've Made Progress, Now I Just Need Support

Steady Progress & Maintenance

1 - 60 minute session biweekly

1 - 30 minute call biweekly

3 total hours per month


Take the Next Step...

For Full Pricing, Contact Me!  I know seeking out therapy during difficult times can be hard - admitting that we need help is even harder!  Taking the first step to reach out means you have already started growing.  I am happy that you are here!  Call now for a FREE 15 minute phone consultation OR schedule your first appointment with us online!