These are the most commonly asked questions

Do you take insurance?


Aside from Medicare, I currently do not take any other forms of insurance or medicaid. See my blog post '3 reasons I do not take insurance' for more info.  I do have a handful of sliding scale slots for 60$ available. See my Blog post 'Now Offering Sliding Scale'  for more info.

Can I see you strictly online through video sessions?

Yes! Most clients prefer the comfort and convenience of video therapy sessions.  Online Therapy is available for people in the states of Michigan and Florida since I hold professional clinical social work licenses in those states. Please schedule your FREE 15 minute video consultation to see if online therapy is for you! Please Note: Medicare does not cover Telehealth Sessions. Medicare sessions must be in person only.

How many sessions will I need?

The challenges each person faces are unique to that individual, therefore I design treatment plans on a case-by-case basis. What one person needs may not be what the next person needs.  I make recommendations after the initial intake based on information gathered during the first interview to best serve each client.

What is the Difference Between Coaching and Therapy?

Therapy & Life Coaching can both offer individuals the support, insight & tools of a skilled professional as they pursue personal growth & future goals. People begin growth from different points. To decide whether Therapy or Life Coaching would be most beneficial for you, here are a few key factors to consider:


  • Therapy addresses issues that are distressing or impairing functioning in some way, including: limiting self-doubt, anxiety, depression, trauma, unfinished childhood issues, overwhelming feelings, painful relationships, addiction & more.  Focus is on HEALING. The healing & growth achieved with therapy is often introspective, subtle & may be evident more on the inside then on the outside. A therapist must have a license to practice & at least a Master’s degree in a social work, mental health counseling, or marriage & family therapy profession. A therapist must provide a confidential place in which to meet to discuss therapeutic issues and can diagnose and treat mental health conditions.


  • Life Coaching primarily benefits individuals simply interested in changing their circumstances & improving outcomes. For those who are not looking for as much insight or healing, whose aim is to get clarity, PLAN & take ACTION. It may address specific personal projects, business successes, or transitions by examining what is going on right now, discovering what obstacles there might be, designing a new life & figuring out how to make future dreams a reality. A life coach may be certified, but it is not required. They are also not required to have a certain degree to practice. A Life Coach can meet with clients anywhere that is convenient & agreed to by both parties.

Both a trained Licensed Therapist/Counselor & Life Coach will help you gain clarity about what your goal looks like & the steps to get there. Then they’ll support and encourage you as you reach for the sky!